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Uranium's Guinea pig Page
Welcome To My Guinea Pigs Page!! | My Guinea Pigs and other Pets | Care Page | News(whats new here) and your Pictures!! | Sign book | Your links!

Hi guys,Finnaly,I'have been able o transfer my guinea pig piges to the web. Please go and look around to news, or My pets page.

My Poddle ,Joey.

PLEASE GO TO:WElcome to my Guinea Pig Page!!!Then go to the bottom of the page.

In the Loving Memory of my Cinnamon Charlie
With how and wherever she is.......LUV U!

Honey-moon kiss
Cinnamon, and Scamper

Welcome to my Web Page!I hope you like it.You will here about my Guinea Pigs alot.It will really honor me if you sign my guest book!!I would really love to hear about you pets and maybe see their pictures.Email them to:

Thank you so much Illyria and Marci.If you are seeing this PLEASE go to News and your pictures!Thanks

I use to have 14 Guinea Pigs.All are different colors and breeds.They all have different ages.I would like to show you their picture,but unforutnately they were adopted out before I bought my scanner ,and picture phone. Hopefully, I wll be updating ain a couple of days, more pictures regarding my pets.

Hi.Before leaving ,PLEASE sign my guest book!I hope you come back again to visit.I will update this web site later on.


HI its great having you here.WELCOME.In this web site you will here about my poem about my guinea pigs.If you want you cant send your own!Even stoirs are welcome.Email them to me!I will wait your return!!

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