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Red-Ear Slider Turtles

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Welcome to my Red-Ear Turtle Site!!!!

Hi I use to own 3 Red-Ear Slider Turtles.Swimmer died on July ,2001.He died out of soft shell.This is 1 out of many diseases that a turtle can get.I will inform you about this problems and cures to them.Well back to my turtles I have 2 left.They are about 1 1/2 inch long.I got them in the city.Their name are spy(female) and Teddybear(male).They really get along.They like to lay ontop on each other at night while sleeping.In this website you will learn how to take care of your turtle and many more thing.I hope you come back and vist.I will upgrade this wedsite 2-3 times a month,so keep looking back here!!

.Do you own a Red-Eared Slider Turtle?If you do,Do you know everything there is to know?Do you know their diseases?and their cures?Well I will tell you about this things and many more things you need to know about your beloved pet,the Red-Eared Slider Turtle.


INTRODUCTION:information of the slider in our past days.
HISTORY AND TAXONOMY:sexing your sliders and its profile.
DISEASES AND CURES: they many commom illness your slider can get and how to cure it.
FEEDING TIME: the many foods to feed your slider.
PHOTO ALBUM: pictures of sliders and other pets from other websites.
CONTACT ME: how to email me with questions and so info about me too.