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My Babyz Information : )

Hey!!!! How are you? Here ,I will tell you alittle story about my babyz ,and a discription about their personalities.   Enjoy

Hi, just wanted to make sure that when I say they don't eat anything, they can survive by drinking orange ,an milk juice.


Stage: 4 crawler
Fav. Food: cookies sometimes
Fav. Toy: Pa(piano), and doll
   Charlet is the smartest so far of all my babyz. She pronounces words clearly, and fluently. She hates to be bossed around ,specially when it come to food. She only eats when she wants to. She prefers to eat out of the ground so I have to leave and drop her cookies on the floor for her to eat them.


Stage: 4 crawler
Fav. Food: everything!
Fav. Toy: building blocks
    Jill was my second baby I adopted, and her little bald head makes her so adorable.She is very creative when it comes to building with blocks. Even though I didn't teach her much, she still learns quickly. Jill doesn't like veggie soup. If you feed it to her, she will chew on it ,and then throw it up. Jill's number one fan is her little brother Tyler, who follows her everywhere, and copies her. When Jill plays the piano, Tyler sits nxt to her nad claps his little hands. I think its the most cutiest thing I have EVER seen!


Stage: belly crawler
Fav. Food: peas ,and milk.
Fav. Toy: Piano
Emily loves to repeating words over and over again. She special loves the word cookie. Doesn't like to be read to, or she will fall asleep. She plays the piano quite well, and cries when she can't touch the butterflies in our window.


Stage: belly crawler
Fav. Food: none
Fav. Toy: picture book of toys.
Bibi goes to sleep when you read to her just like Emily. I try to get her to talk, but rarely does she repeat after me. She loves changing outfits!


Stage: belly crawler
Fav. Food: every tihng except veggie soup.
Fav. Toy: no toy in particular.
Bionda throws up if you feed her veggie soup. You can tell want she is going to do, by her little mean stare she gives you. She doesn't enjoy as much changing outfits.


Stage: belly crawler
Fav. Food: every thing
Fav. Toy: no toy in particular.
Leena like to get the food in her mouth and then rub it in her cloth. She could never get full , and loves being in the bachyard.


Stage: belly crawler
Fav. Food: oat meal cookies
Fav. Toy: none
She only eats oatmeal cookies, and her bottle.She gives the cutiest angry face a baby could ever have. She loves to smile ,and move around. Ari get along with Charles the best.


Stage: 4 crawler
Fav. Food: none
Fav. Toy: none
She doesn't like to play the piano, but loves to hear me play. She enjoys throwing food around ,and her clown. She is very beautiful with her eyes ,and loves to wear green, and yellow.


Stage: Belly Crawler
Fav. Food: Everything excpect oatmeal,meat ,and gravy ,and crackers.
Fav. Toy: Paino ,and drum
Tylers is the number one fan of Jill. He goes ,and follows him where ever his is. The cutiest thing is when he claps when Chalres plays the piano. Loves to repeat words and learn very quickly!Tyler loves to be carried ,and if you don't he starts to cry. He is also very jelous, and throws blocks at Emily. She gets mad at him for a little while ,and ignores him.


Stage: Belly Crawler
Fav. Food: everything
Fav. Toy: teddy bear
Seni gets mad when you change cloths, and starts to frown. She also doesn't enjoy being outside, and doesn't like the slide at all. She has something in her that doesn't scares the bunny at our house.They instead come close ,and smell her, or as she thinks ,they kiss her!


Stage: belly crawler
Fav. Food: Crackers ,and the green thing that you get when you put banana sauce in the fridge.
Fav. Toy: none
        Jack really isn't interested in playing with toys.Instead ,he takes his time looking at the butterfly ouside the window. He also get very fusy when you place him to change his cloth. He starts to move around alot ,and cries sometimes. He also farts most of the time when he poo poo's!Jack also enjoys being outside ,and looking at the flowers.


Stage: belly crawler
Fav. Food: Meat gravy only
Fav. Toy: car
 Even thoguht Joey looks alittle bit chubby, he doesn't eat alot, if few only.
 He loves to be carried, and cries when you don't give him his bottle. He is also a very good drum player. He  also like to sleeep, and smile!


Stage: Belly crawler
Fav. Food:
Fav. Toy:
   Just adopted him, need time to getto know him. Thanks

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