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"Babyz" The game Information

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Your Virtual Bundle of Joy


Hi, Thanks you for viewing this page.Lets begin with the basics, this game can cost you from $9.99 without the bax ,and unique baby, or $19.99 with box and unque baby. In the game ,you get 6 rooms to play in. There are: the living room,kitchen,chanding room,play room,back yard,attic,and a special one that you get if you press ctrl + p. You can change your babyz into a variety of cloth that the game provides you. If you want more, than you can download hexed cloth. You can also adopt babyz of all types. While playing the game, you will see that each babyz has his or her's own personality. You can tell by viewing my Babyz Biography page. When I first heard this over the internet throught the games website, I thought they were lying ,you know, trying to get people into  buying the game by lies. How could guess this game is so FUN and REAL!!! I bet you will love this game no matter you age. I bought this game last year in  2002, and stopped playing it for a while. Just a month ago, I got back into playing. I got excited about wanting tp play with it, after I showed my sister the biographies I made about each of my babyz. I know will get tired ,and stop, but believe me when I say, YOU WILL BE BACK!

"this game is fun,right Leena?"
"Yes, it is,super! Charlet"

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