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Uranium's Guinea pig Page
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 My Guinea Pigs and other Pets 

Here are the names of my 14 guinea pigs and what color they are.
Sadly,I'm not the owner of all 14, but I have kept two.Finally,I found a way to post them on the internet!!!


CINNAMON:Black with orange stripes in her waist.
SCAMPER:White,but has a blck mask on his face.
TWICHY:Just like Cinnamon but has more stripes.
EMPERE:All dark dark brown.
REECES:Half orange half black.Has little white stripe on head.
OREO:In black with white stripe on neck.
EBONY:Her coat in black. 
BATHY BOY:In white with black spots.
MOCHA:Brown with with feet.
DUSKY:Blck with white feet.
DUSTY:black with white feet.
MR.BUBBLES:white with black spot every where,And one light orange spot.
BRYANY(french:noisy!):White with black spots too.
HAZEL:Light brown with one white stripe on neck.

These were all my Guinea Pigs!

My first little baby girl,
Bruyant......(French for NOISY)

And,here my second little girl,
Oreo...isn't she sweet.

The Twins
Dusty, and Dusky

Big Scamper

UPDATES ON GUINEA PIGS:I no longer have 14 Guinea Pigs.I now only own 2 ,Oreo and Bruyant.This are amazing little girl that I have decided to keep with me.From All that has happen to me ,all I have to say it that I will NEVER try to breed !not even once because they are cute!It unfair to the animal and sad because you can really fall inlove with this little creature and you'll be force to give them up if you can't keep them.What I'm trying to say is that'breeding is not a game so don't take it like one.This are live animals with feeling and this is just cruel!!!
THANK YOU to those that have help me through my hard time and again,THANK YOU so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here are my other pet I have beside Guinea Pigs!
(brother let free!)JUNEJULI:Budgerigar Parakeet.Green and yellow.Use to have.
JOEY:Black Poddle,7 years old. 
Baby: My calcio cat who is 1 1/2 years old.
TURTLES:Teddybear(male)and Spy(female).Red-Ear Slider Turtles.UPDATA:I dont have Spy or Swimmer.They died.I now only have Teddybear!
FISH:I have 4 golden fishes.
CHAMELEON:4 Anole Chameleon.Rex,Moe,Bert,Alice.(Alice,and REX DIED)R.I.P 
HAMSTER:I use to have a hamster named Carmel.My brothers son gave me her.This amaing hamster is now 6 years old.
Grazie: My grey drawf hamster.
Zizi: I got him on march 3 ,02. He died because another hamster in the petstore bite him and made a hole in his intestines!!!DIED on march 6,02(R.I.P)
GG(Gecky the Gekco):Died on Agust 21,2001.

This are my other pet that I have

Joey <---> Baby.

My newest Little Dwarf Hamster.


(BOVE)I use to have 6 .NOW I have only 4!

I have 2 Red-Eared Slider turtles.Their names are Swimmer and Teddybear!Ahhh


I have 1 Crayfish!

I have 8 Goldfish.


I use to have a fish like this one .