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Uranium's Guinea pig Page
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 Care Page 

It is very important to feed your Guinea Pigs good food.Its also good to know their condition!



It will always be important to keep your Guinea Pigs water fresh.Every day the water has to be changed.The food should always be changed as the water.Special when their pregnant!The babies Guinea will pee and poo on the food.About the water.When the Guinea Pig is pregnant or has given birth,her water will run out.They will drink as much as they can.They need the water to reproce milk for the young.You must check few times a day to see if its still full.

Cages are need to keep your Guinea Pigs in.If you want you can keep then outside in a pen.If your planning on doing this make such the weather in right.
There are many cages to choose from.One of the cages that I think is better are the wire ones.Not the kind that has hold on the bottem.This cage has a flat floor ,but the walls are wires going vertical and horiz.This the cage I keep mines in.Some go on the wooden cage.The walls are wooden as the floor.I now that this is not such a doog cage.The wood will get rotten.I dont recommend this one.I keep Cinnamon on a plastic cage.The floor is mad from plasyic and has wires going from left to right.Pick the cage you think is better.Make such it will last you sometime before having to replace it with another one!!!

Your Guinea Pig should be check twice a year at least.This are the signs that your Guinea Should have if its got any problems .
-Decrease appetite
-weightloss or large in weight
-Discharge from eyes or nose
-Lack of feces
-Any unusual signs or behaviors
-Lumps or bumps
-Failure or staining to urinate
-Hair loss

If your Guinea Pigs has any of this make sure to see the vet!!!!


Sexing your guinea pigs maybe easy to some.One way is to take them to the vet and have them do it. Or you can use the  "ALPHABET" .The female is the  " Y" and the males are the "i".Isn't weird? To see if it a male ,gently press on theeach side of the piggy sex organ. The pressure will cause the organ to protrude slightly.


It is good to feed your Guinea Pigs vegies!They love it.I like to feed mines Carrot.Thats their favorite!Corn is a good vegetable to feed besides them loving it.Tomato is also one out the many vegies that are good for your Guineas.One that is not consider great is Ice Berge Lettuce!It doesnt have good vitamins.The bad thing is that Guinea Pigs love it!

Our Guinea Pigs need healthy food .But besides we wanting the best for them,we also want something that they will enjoy!I like to feed my Guinea Pig "Premium GOLD vita-vittles.They love this pellets.The pellts have wheat and Alfalfa meal in it.It cotians many more thing.Besides having good tasting pellets it has crunchy puffs and corn flakes.It is highly nutritious and has all the required vitamins your Guinea needs.The one that I buy is diet.I something mix it with other Guinea Pigs food that has more vegetables in it.This is something that my Guinea Pigs enjoy.What does yours enjoy tha most.Whatever it is,make sure it has vitamins and nutritions!


-mustard greens
-Dandelions greens
-Brussels sprout
-cooked kidney beans is healthy


Pregnant Guinea Pigs
Most of our Guinea Pigs are mostly are pregnant.When that time come,we don't know what to do.Here is what you need to do:
1)Water has to be fresh.Make sure your Guinea has always water.The water is turned in to milk for the young.
2)Bedding has to be clean.You dont want it to be wet for when the litter is born.Its bad for them.Sickness they shall get.
3)Try to feed your Guinea Pigs alot of vegies.Its like water.It also help give birth more easy.You can also feed your Guinea some pellets too.
4)take male out whne female is giving birth!he will MATE with her.If you do want this to happen,PLEASE wait a few days,the female's butt will be soar!!!!
5)You can take babies out to touch as soon as 1 day.DONT take them out to long.You can separated from mom as old as 1 month.Male babies will start to gurl!Be careful with you female babies!!!!
6)Dad can visit for some time.Mom will get angry at him or she will no care.Watch that dad does not bother the babies into mating!

Wish you the Best of luck!

                                        BORN TO BE WILD

 After 2-3 months the pregnant mother will be a happy one or at least. I'mnot trying to worry you but it happens. My Guinea Pig Twichy,gave birth ot a litter of 3 and ignored them. The babies were adopted by by my other female gGuinea pig that was recently a mother. Her name was cinnamon Charlie. She took good care of them .The mother will give birth to her baies one at he time. You will know when she has finished giving birth because she will eat the cord.She will also sometime eat the bedding with blood. This way(if she was in the wild)other predetors will not smell the blood and come.She will lick them till they are somewhat clean.

               Baby Guinea Pigs are "BORN TO BE WILD".Thats how I like to say it.They already have teeth,width open eyes,and fur too.After an hour or so after being given birth to ,they will start walking. They will drink milk for about 3 weeks.Maybe some hours after being born they will also eat veggies like carrot, lettuce ,and many more things.AAfter 5 weeks or less, the baby guinea pigs should be separated from males to females.At this age ,they will want to mate so BE CAREFUL!!!



1)chocolate:causes-rapid heart beat-vomiting-hyperactivity-coma-diarrhea-seizres
2)Almonds:causes-chronic cyanide poisoning
3)Kidneybeans:toxic when uncooked.(cooked kidb. is ok).
4)Onions:causes-oxidative-damage to red blood cells in any animal ,also called hemolytic anemia.
 nut still inside shell
7)diary products or old and dirty food
-weight loss
-autumn crocus
-yew plant
-fool's parsley
-elder berry
-deadly or blach night shde
-fox glove
-lilly of the valley
-wild-beacked parsley

Draws legs pressed against the wall of the cage:helplessness
Squeals and squeaks:warning.young guinea pig's cry of loneliness,fear,pain or begging for food.
Showing teeth iwth open mouth:female's warning off inporturated male.
cooing: reassurance
Rattles,chisses teeth chacking:aggression,threatening warning.
murmursand gurgles: contentment,comfort.
Jumping around:happy,good mood
growls,grunts and rattling:male arousal sound.
touching of noses:greeting each other.
Rises up with knees stiffen: threating posture


MAX LIFE SPAN:11 years
Average Life Span:6 years.
Sexual maturity:4-6 weeks old
Gestation period:59-72 days
Average litter: 3
Weaning age: 3 weeks old
Body temp.: 90-103F
Food Consumption; 42-90 grams per day.
Water consumption: 70-150 mL per day.
Female G.P.:sow
Male G.P.: boar