Red-Ear Slider Turtles


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History and Taxonomy

On this page,I will tell you how to sex your turtle and many othere species related to the Red-Eared Slider Turtle.

How to sex your Red-Eared Slider Turtle

Well, if your are trying to breed sliders, you must be informed that thye will reach puberity at a age of 5.Before this you have low if any chances of any female slider turtle of getting pregnant at all.If you don't know how to sex your slider here are some way you can tell:
-If you have young sliders, males are light than females in color.
-Males have longer nails than females, because they need them to grad the female during mating.
-Males are smaller than females.
-Males has a concaved curve on their bottom shell  where their belly is.
-You can also see the a males reproductive organ is closer to the tip than a females.
          A young slider measures about 1 to 1 1/2 inches at birth and will grow to be 11 inches in adulthood.


Profile of the slider turtle

The turtle known in common English as the "slider" are placed in the genus "trachemy".Trachemy was first described by Agassiz in 1857.
There are six currently species in the genus ranging from the "USA and Mexico,South to Argentina,and the West Indies".Some of these species are:
Red-Eared Slider,T.s.elegans,
Yellow-bellied Slider,T.s. scripta,
the Big Bend Slider,T.s. ornata,
and many otheres.You can distinguish a slider by their round lower jaw and the patch of bright red or yellow on the side of their heads.
Sliders are most active during daytime and can be seen basking in great numbers in hot summer days.Sliders will climb ontop of each othere in there is not enough basking room.Theywill dive into the water if given the proper cause such as humans.They can be found in aquatic habiats which include quiet ponds with heavy vegatation and muddy bottoms streams and also rivers as small woodland lakes.For if you didnt know Sliders are mostly herbivous.They like to feed on plant mostly.Some will eat red meat in captivity.

Tools and Materials

In this area I'll include a list of all the material necessary to perform the tasks I'm describing on this page.