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Feeding time!

Umm?what do I feed a Red-Eared Slider Turtle?????

There are so manty thing you can feed a slider!Here are the things listed and how to feed them.I hope this helps you!!!!


We like to feed our turtles pellet,right?It is the easist way to maintian food.There so many kind of pellets in stors now as the was back.This product has proven to bereliable enough.
Theres one problem with this product.Most sliders that have recently been introduced to captivity will not respond to them.We have to help them relize that this is food .If this is happening with your turtle,wait untill your turtle gets use to its new home.When its feeding it,give him/her commercial food mix with mealworms or crickets,etc.


Crikets are toffered to sliders more than anything else.They are a excellent meal for turtles.Its a completely nutritionalmeal that can be obtain without too much trouble.
Pet sotres sell crickets in many sizes.
Some of us are luck to live in places where crickets can be found in our own backyard.Capturing crickets is easy ,of course it has to be during the warm months.Heres how:
-Plce a few pieces of black tarpaper in spots that cricket are know to occur.
-After 3 days,check under to see if crickets have shelter under it.
-Cricket are know to be quick,so you better be too!
You can catch them with your hand or a net.
You should put them in a small tank which contains a wet sponge for water and some lettuce.There are some many things besides lettuce that you can feed the cricket,like oatmeal,carrots,etc.When its dinner take as many as needed.

Earth worms!

Another superd dietary food is earth worms.For one thing turtles LOVE it!They can be found right in your own backyard.Here is how to make them come out:
-Place a piece of moist linen on the ground.Make sure the ground is softand that the piece of linen stays moist.
-Check back in 2 days.Take the linen off and get your worms WAIT!wash the dirt of them first.
If by any reason cant get earthworms then,go to a fisherman's bait store.


you can mealworm at any pet store!There's ONE problem with mealworms.They dont give a good nutrition to your turtle ,lizard,toad,etc.
Breeding mealworms is easy and smelly.Here is how:
-Purchase about 200 mealworm ,and let them become adult bettles.
-Place them into a opaque sweater box that has 3 inches of oatmeal or bran.
Keep lid tight with 2 small holes.
In a feww weeks the mother bettles will lay eggs.Those eggs eill turn into mealworm and youll have your own colony soon!

Raw fish/carrion

Did you know that sliders eat fish ?I didn't know untill it was too late.Let me tell you a short story:
I use to own 9 Golden fishes.I had 3 sliders (Swimmer was still alive).I decided to put him with my fishes.3 days later I saw Teddybear eating one of my fish.I bought a tank big enough for my turtles.Now I have 8!
Well BACK to the raw fish/carrion ,sliders will enjoy eating this kind of food.its also a good exercise.
Fish can be obtain at any pet store.You can save this fish by freezing it or alive.Dead fish will be easier for your slider to grab of course ,but I personal believe alittle bit of exercise will do good.
Try to avoid salty fish.Remeber we are dealing with freshwater turtles.
Gold fishes are s good example .Well first ,they are freshwater fish.Second,they are cheap.Last,goldfishes are available all year around.
If you want to freeze your fishes ,it will remain fresh for about 1 week .You can unfreez it when needed by letting in defrost in a bowl with warm water.
There are some bad sides in feedin your turtles fish!A dead fish will leave a greasy film that will appear in the surface of the water ,and cloud the water below.If your turtle stays in the water too long,the oil will lay on your turtle shell.


Sliders are herbivorous in the wild.They do like having some bits of vegetables in feeding time.Luckly you can get vegetables in supermarket everywhere!
Here are some vegetables that your slider will eat:
Carrots,lettuce,cabbage,beets,radishes,cucumbers ,ect.
You'll have to cut them into little cubes and toss them in the tank.

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