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Diseases and their cures

There are so many diseases a captive turtle can get.All of us as owners or breeders should know the most common ones.As we know turtles unlike many herptiles ,dont give any signs of an illness so we have to be alert.It is up to us to know when illness in going to attack our turtles and identify them right away.We also must know their cures.This is we I wrote this page.To teach you the many diseases and cures.

includes pictures of the sickness

SALMONELLA.This is one of the most diseases associated with turtles.People over the years have becoming more and more concern about his one.Before this years ,it was a najor issue in connection of keeping a turtles as pets that eventually led to the 1975 food and drug Administration's ban on the sale of turtles with a carapace lenght of under 4 inches.Salmonella is a intestinal infection that attack many living thingsMany animals along with turtles are know to carry this disease.Salmonella is transmitted through dirty water.It also comes from infected food when it is shipped to a place.They all sit in one giant vase will waiting to be moved to a pet store.Beware,salmonella is highly contagious.
The way it is passed to a human is by contact with the turtle.You should always wash your hand and arms with soap.
are mostly the common victims of this disease.That is why tiny turtle are now outlaw.Kids would stick them up their mouths.By the early 70's this was the quarter of the million cases that were related with baby turtle.
Salmonella still exist today and always will.Although some laws have help ,keepers can still have contact with small turtles.The problem is not the turtle ,but the cleanliness that hte owner gives his pet turtle in captivty.The only way to CURE this disease is on the should take your turtle to have a check up.Once the disease reaches the turtle,it will die within a week.I will give you some TIPS:
-the water of your turtle must be frequently cleaned,whether it is filtered or not.
-Tank must be srubbed.
-Keeper must wash his turtle with a soft sponge.Dip the turtle into warm water.
PLEASE wash your hand carefully!!
All I have to say is that the only way to battle salmonella is to avoid it!!!

SORE OR SWOLLEN EYE is a infection that attacks the eye.They will become quite swollen and boasting an alarming "bulging"appeareance.Sometimes the turtle eye will do this as it sits in the pet store tank ,then on the other hand a keeper will not encounter it until well after the animal has been purchased and spend time in his new home.
Unless the condition is severe ,you shouldnt have to go to hte vet.This happens to alot of aquatic turtles and can be remedied easily.A sore or swollen eye is cause by dirty water.Slider are know to spend most of their time in water,so keep it clean.
The CURE to this sickness is really easy.The condition can be treated by swabbing the eye with a cotton swab coated with diluted boric acid (60/40%) or the old standard sulfamethiazine. To avoid this from hapening again,like I said before CLEAN your turtles water frequently .Recovery is usually rapid,but if the problem persists then do to the vet.Beware that this sickness can cause permanent blindness!!


SOFTENING OF THE SHELL is common in captive turtles.This sickness often leads into death.My turtle swimmer died out of this.Be careful!!
It is caused by a lack of calcium.It can be notice easy ,unless its a baby turtle.You'll notice that the shell is becoming soft.In young turtles their shell will someytimes turn bleach white ,in patches.
In captivity ,almost always a turtles should recieve full-spectrum light and get calcium through a varied diet.Mealworms is a example of food that doesnt providesufficient calcium.Furthermore ,soft shell is the first disorder your slider will develop if not given full-pectrum light.If by any reason you cant provide a pectrum light ,them you could just leave your turtle outside to get sun.When its sunny.I put my tank outside for my turtles to get sun.
The CURE to this disorder is to increasing the light hours that your turtle get.Also try feeding more him/her more calcium.At any pet store you can buy calciun in powder.I know that as soon as it touches the water is disperse .Here are some tips on feeding your turtle this powder:
1)mixing some calcium powder with a small wad of jelly.
2)spreading the jelly on a criket or whatever your feeding it.
3)dangling the item just above the water so that your turtle has to get it.

I hope this help you!!!good luck


FUNGUS/FUNGAL INFECTIONS are really easy to spot on a turtle.You'll see of what it looks like a light layer of cotton on your slider's shell.Its mostly common in young aquatic turtles.Although it may look alarming ,it can usually be treated with full expectation of recovery unless of course it has been left to spread all around the body.If this has been left to spread,PLEASE contact the vet soon as possible!
It is very easy to CURE this problem.Put your turtle in warm salt water each day for about half an hour.Also give your turtle a bath in the same solation.Just get a soft sponge and gently scrub the infected regions .As long as the problem is not severe ,you should notice recovery within a day or 2.Full recovery takes 10 days or even 2 weeks.

RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS.There are many respiratory infections that attack captive Turtles or amphibians.Most of them are mild ones and can be treated during the early stages,the few the remain can be severe and take life very easyily.
Slider turtles along with other aquatic aniamls will get this problem commenly.This is because the spend most of their time in the water.We,humans should know this proble.Remember mom always saying "dont go outside you might catch a cold!".Doctors will tell you that the rain itself does not "cause" develop some sort of respiratory infection.The wind help you get this sickness.That is why we dont want to put a slider turlte in a windy tunnel but obvious drafts are not usually the problem.It only takes a feww cold breezes to set off this infection.Keeping the room tightly sealed is of utmost inportance.
Some respiratory infection are contagious.The signs that your turtle might have this sickness are:
-runny nose,a turtle that does not keep its mouth closed(or wheezes)
-n many cases ,the turtle will swim lopside,the ailing lung being the one in the othere side.
-refusal to eat.
The CURE to this infection is to make an effort to keep draft out ,and check to make sure the temperature is set appropriate level.The water has to be warm.Make sure that the infected slider is mved into a new tank by itself.If after a week the condition is worat or the same ,PLEASE take the turltle to see the vet!!

Sometimes a slider turlte will have trouble with its intestinal tract ,and this can b manifest itself in many ways.One is blockage in the guts.It will cause further infections that will kill your turtle.You'll notice that your turtle has been eating ,but nothing is coming out.
Anothere is a turtle's feces should be not runny or off-colored.It it the case of diarrhea or constipatio may be the problem.
The problem is usually in the diet your giving your turtle.Did you nkow that giving it the same food ,day after day will give some kind of intestinal upset?This usually happens to turtle that are given commersial food.You might think that the food is good and healty with all those vitamins ,etc.Although this food are as good as they are said to be ,the simple fact is that they cannot provide variety makes them partial at best.
A CURE is simple!Give your turtla a bath in a tank in warm water for about 5 hour period every day until the guts are flushed out.After this has happen ,try to feed your turtle a new food.You dont have to change the diet completely!Youl can do as I do.On monday and friday I feed me sliders meal worms.The rest of the days I feed the 2 kind if commercial foods.They are different kind with different flavors too!

List of tips

Here are some tips for you and your turtle that should do good to both:
Tip 1:Wash your turtle in warm water.Use a soft sponge to clean your turtles shell everytime you clean his or her tank.
Tip 2:Keep your turtles water clean PLEASE!
Tip 3: wash your hand everytime you have contact with your turtle such as holding it.

I wish you the bestest of luck in your turtles healty!!!!!